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Sorbie Bornholm is a global investment firm that provides funding for ongoing business objectives to listed micro, small and mid-cap growth companies.

We focus on equity investments in companies that are already listed and looking to expand. Our extensive experience allows us to invest in most industries. Allowing us to focus on providing supportive, longer term capital that rewards company growth.

Sorbie Bornholm

The Sorbie-Strategy

Since 2007, Sorbie Bornholm LP founder Greg Kofford has perfected the “Sorbie-Strategy”, utilizing a sharing agreement that supports management and rewards growth. This unique approach has now been used in over 40 secondary offerings. Resulting in many of those companies receiving more cash than the original offering proceeds – without having to issue any additional shares.


No firm is more flexible than Sorbie Bornholm when it comes to smaller listed companies, and even those trading at the lower end of the share price spectrum. 


Even mid-sized firms benefit from the Sorbie-Strategy – getting more of the benefit from the growth that accompanies proper funding and committed investors.


It comes down to actual funding – and Sorbie Bornholm’s team is proven to get deals done, funds delivered and growth rewarded – using the Sorbie-Strategy.
Sorbie Bornholm


Upward Trends Funded

Our shareholdings are typically medium to longer term. As a company’s share price increases, more cash is delivered at no additional cost. Therefore becoming a very cheap source of capital for companies that grow their share price.

Many companies in which Sorbie Bornholm has invested have received more cash in addition to the initial Sorbie Bornholm investment, without issuing any additional shares.

The Principle of Upward Trends

Values Help Build Your Success

Our core values drive who we are and how we invest. Committed to developing long-term relationships with select listed public companies and their brokers & advisers.

Focused on providing supportive, longer term capital that rewards growth. At Sorbie Bornholm, we invest to make a difference, to become a valued partner and to be a shareholder of choice. It’s important to us that we succeed together.

Sorbie-Strategy Success Stories

Mining & Mineral Extraction

Kogi Iron

Kogi Iron Limited is working towards building a cast steel plant on the Agbaja Plateau in Kogi State, Nigeria. The project will utilise company leased iron ore deposits and will supply a cast steel feedstock to steel manufacturing and product fabricators in Nigeria and overseas. (ASX: KFE)

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology

Neuren Pharmaceuticals

Neuren Pharmaceuticals is developing new therapies for debilitating neurodevelopmental disorders that are characterised by impaired connections and signalling between brain cells. (ASX: NEU)

Mining & Mineral Extraction

KEFI Minerals

KEFI aims to create wealth for their shareholders by developing into profitable mines the gold and base metal deposits that they have discovered or acquired in a cost-effective manner. (LSE: KEFI)


“These cornerstone share placements support activities for an equity growth path, and will assist us to build and promote our ‘Project of National Significance’ as publicly recognized by the Government at Nigeria Mining Week, October 2019
David Turvey, Managing Director, Kogi Iron Limited

This is a very important financing… [that] enables Neuren to benefit with share price appreciation. Now we can focus on our meeting with the FDA and the preparations for a Phase 3 trial. Neuren Pharmaceuticals is pleased to have a new supportive institutional shareholder.
Richard Treagus, Executive Chairman, Neuren Pharmaceuticals Ltd

We have continued to advance our Tulu Kapi gold project, and are now at a pivotal stage of the company’s development. The proceeds of the fundraising will underpin the activities for the whole of 2017 as we look to start development of this quality project during the year.”
Harry Anagnostaras-Adams, Executive Chairman, Kefi Minerals

Deals Done Using the Sorbie-Strategy

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