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Greg Kofford to Speak at Mines and Money Miami

Join Sorbie Bornholm Founder & CEO Greg Kofford at Mines and Money Miami on Friday, February 23rd at 11:10am EST for a panel that will discuss "Are critical minerals stocks overheated or the path to a green future?" About Sorbie Bornholm Sorbie Bornholm LP is a...

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Sorbie Bornholm Book Club – 13 Bankers

This time is not different. With this year’s market negativity, bank collapses, and continued speculation of a recession, “13 Bankers: The Wallstreet Takeover and the Next Financial Meltdown” by Simon Johnson and James Kwak is particularly topical. Greg Kofford has...

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Introducing the Sorbie Bornholm Book Club!

Sorbie Bornholm Founder & CEO, Greg Kofford, (who also happens to be my dad) is often asked for advice on trading and investing. He has a long reading list that he recommends for anyone interested in learning more. Since I am new to the financial services...

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Index trading

Treasury is selling $38 billion of new 10-years bonds Wed, and $24 billion of 30-years Thur. Given record low demand for the Feb 25 7-year auction, these auctions will give a real window into where the bond market is going. If they go poorly - look out stock market....

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Retail has Diamond Hands

Sarah Ponczek of Bloomberg points out that as the NASDAQ dropped 10% over the last 3 weeks, retail has bought the dip harder than ever before. Equity purchases by retail over the last 3 weeks was $6.6 billion per week – 40% more than 2020. See chart...

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GME, Naked Shorting, and Naked Call Options

GME naked shorting in size is not happening right now. It seems recently the idea that a naked short in GME of multiple 100s of millions of shares is being circulated on the internet. A naked short is selling the stock without having borrowed shares to make delivery...

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Bare Bones of Alternate Financing

When capital markets are difficult, as the last few years have been for resource companies, alternative financings become an increasingly popular source of capital. It is largely because traditional equity finance has dried up and alternative financings are often...

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