The Sorbie-Strategy

The Rewards of Growth

Sorbie Bornholm is focused on providing supportive, longer term capital that rewards growth. We invest to make a difference in a company’s future – financing small-cap companies & mid-cap companies.

There are a number of ways a business can raise capital – however, these can often be costly with either interest rate charges or the loss of large portions of ownership. At Sorbie Bornholm, we believe there is a better way. Our unique financing model is designed to share the upside in company growth in a way unavailable through generic debt and equity financings. We partner with companies – and their brokers & advisers – in support of company growth.

Advantages of the Sorbie-Strategy

The Foundation

We’re a medium to longer term investor – helping to create a foundation of certainty and stability, forming a better environment for management teams to grow value.

Initial Funding

With Sorbie Bornholm’s unique sharing agreement growth often gets rewarded with additional capital – without having to issue any additional shares.  

Ongoing Capital Support

Sorbie Bornholm regularly supports ongoing capital raisings where management teams have delivered on their objectives.

Sharing Upside

 We share the upside of our investment with the company to incentivize growth. This aligns our interests with the company and other shareholders.

Supporting Management

Sorbie Bornholm does not typically request board representation and we do not require restrictions on future capital raisings. Our objective is success – not control.

Responsible Exit

Sorbie Bornholm works with companies and their brokers & advisers to exit a shareholding responsibly – leaving as part of a winning team is our goal.  
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Our Approach

& Case Studies

Learn more about our approach, get client case studies – including what happens after our investment – with this PDF presentation.

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Sorbie-Strategy In Action

Explaining the Sorbie-Strategy is one thing – but when you see how it works in the real world is where it really impresses.
Sorbie Bornholm is mandated to make investments in public companies listed on multiple exchanges around the world – with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. Our team of professionals have been responsible for over forty deals using the Sorbie-Strategy, producing hundreds of millions of dollars in successful fundings. We specialize in financing for small cap companies and mid cap companies.

World Offices

Sorbie-Strategy Deals

Millions Funded

Let Us Help You Succeed

Let's talk and see if the Sorbie-Strategy is right for your company. At Sorbie Bornholm, we've helped many businesses succeed – and we'd love to help your listed business too.
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